Rules for Authors

Articles that are submitted for inclusion in the journal must meet the following requirements.
  • Offer an insight into learning and have a link to a specified pedagogical purpose
  • Show how technology has redefined, modified or augmented the learning
  • Be based upon real and truthful experience
  • Can show both the successes and failures and show/outline progression in learning
  • You should offer insight considering why you decided to use the tech, what happened during its use, your evaluative thoughts and what you intend to do with it next.
  • Articles are not to be seen as a marketing opportunity for a piece of technology or educational institution.
  • Can include diagrams, screen grabs, photos (these will not count as part of the word count)
  • Citations/References must be clear and adhere to the Harvard System of Referencing.
  • Links must be provided as a full permalink, so that printed articles, editions of the journal retain their usefulness.
  • Each contributor must provide some profile info to be included with their article including full name, a 64x64 pixel pic, position, school name, twitter name and email (email will not be published), blog/website.