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Monday, 20 December 2010

posted 20 Dec 2010, 04:09 by Nick Dennis   [ updated 21 Dec 2010, 01:53 ]
The first edition of #edjournal is now available to be read online and the print version will follow shortly. Many thanks to the contributors and editors. Although later than intended, I hope it makes a nice Christmas present! The second issue on mobility is already well underway (having learned from the experience with the first) and will contain articles by:

Nathan Lowe and Katie Coburn of Flitch Green Primary on integrating ICT into their curriculum with a focus on the iPad
Doug Belshaw on Mobile Learning
Nick Dennis and Sarah Bushby on the mobile learning project at Felsted
James Michie on using Flip Video cameras to improve learning
David Rogers on using mobile applications in the geography classroom

In addition, we have book reviews on:

Clayton Christensen's Disrupting Class by Kerry Turner
Graham Nuthall's The Hidden Lives of Learners by Darren Mead
Matthew Syed's Bounce: How Champions Are Made
Seymour Papert's The Children's Machine

If you feel you would like to contribute to the issue, please get in touch!